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White House In Winter–Interior Design

White house

White house

Living and dining area

All white interior. Living and dining area.

All white kitchen, clean and beautiful

All white kitchen, clean and beautiful.

All white master bedroom

All white master bedroom.

Living room, french style furniture, and the beautiful crystal chandeliers.


Exterior, outdoor furniture

Vintage style

Vintage style, love the rattan baskets.

White glass doors

White glass doors.

This is a old villa renovated in 1800’s style. The big white wooden house with the beautiful window panels blend into the winter landscape of Brastad, Bohuslän. The house is a so-called cutting sheds and looks like it has been here for ages, or at least from the merchant’s era in the late 1800s. Visit skonahem(Swedish) for more info.

By: JOHANNA Flyckt  Photo: Mari Eriksson via: skonahem

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Simple Natural Beautiful Dining Room Design

old world style

natural style, dining room and living room

Above photos via: thirteen and south

Country style dining room without colors

Country style dining room without colors, simple beautiful design for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. [Read more →]

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Home Color Scheme–Update Your Room With Paint

Paint is the least expensive way to change the look of a room, whether you want to modernize your living room or make your bedroom more serene. A fresh paint job enlivens a ho-hum interior, but picking the right color (or combination of colors) and figuring out where best to put it and how much to use can prove perplexing.
Dining Room Refresh Yellow and Blue
Dining Room Refresh

A palette of bold colors and do-it-yourself paint projects give this dining room a fresh look. We choose two shades of blue for the table and chairs and created a two-tone effect to add interest to the furniture. Separate the painted and non-painted portions of the chairs and table with painter’s tape. Semi-gloss paint works best on furniture because of it’s easy-to-clean finish, so apply several coats.

Color a Table Beautiful Green

Color a Table
Unfinished wood is the perfect canvas for paint. Sand the surface lightly, remove the sanding dust with a tack cloth, and then spray the piece with one thin coat of primer and several thin coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry before adding the next. Protect the painted surface with two coats of polyurethane.

Craft a Place Setting Lovely Chair

Craft a Place Setting
Chair backs coated with chalkboard paint provide erasable name “cards” for a dinner party. To take the theme even further, use the paint on a tray to create a menu board.

Blue Cabinets and Yellow Wall

Update the Furniture
If the wood surface is already painted or varnished, remove dirt or wax buildup with a household cleaner and rinse. Sand rough areas and wipe away dust with a tack cloth. Apply two coats of stain-blocking primer and allow it to dry between coats. Roll or brush on two coats of latex paint in the direction of the wood grain. Use a brush to finish the surface with smooth strokes.

Metal Chair Painting

A New Life for Metal
Clean the surface with a stiff wire brush to remove flaking paint or rust. Wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry. Prime with metal primer and let dry, or use a paint specially formulated with rust inhibitors. Apply several thin coats of paint. If using spray paint, hold the can about 10 – 12 inches from the surface as you spray. Shake the can during the application to keep the color mixed. Spray lightly to avoid paint runs. [Read more →]

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Interior Color Scheme–Adding Black To Your Room

Black Berries

Black Berries

Black storage ottomans and side tables add a sleek silhouette to this red kitchen and living room. Don’t underestimate the power of graphic pillows to pump up a simple color scheme. Here, cherry blossom pillows keep a charcoal-gray sofa looking chic, not drab.
Electric Color Combo
Electric Color Combo
Let your fun, funky spirit come out with an outrageous wall color. Just tame it with touches of black: a sleek picture frame and mismatched black chairs do the trick.
One-Touch Wonder
One-Touch Wonder
A room as cheery as this country dining room needs a place for the eye to rest — simple black dining chairs fit the bill without calling too much attention to themselves.

Start Small
Start Small
If you’re nervous about adding black to a room, start small by coating minor architectural details in black. The inside walls of a built-in and portions of the wall set apart by molding are ideal for these small touches.

Two Shades of Black
Two Shades of Black
Mixing styles in black is a definite can-do. Here, a new-again damask print in black and white sits atop an antique black table. The shared colors pull them together for an elegant look.

Modern Contemporary Living room Design: Blue and Orange

Interior Color Ideas – How to Choose Paint Color For Home

Color Scheme For Living Room

Do You Like Colorful & Ethnic Interior Design?

Contemporary Apartment Interior Design With Black and White

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Combining the Antiques and Contemporary Design by Vicente Wolf

Living Room

Living Room
In designer Vicente Wolf’s New York loft, a Dutch Colonial daybed he bought in Borneo faces VW Home chairs in his linen, left, and his wool blend. Candlesticks, 18th c., on 1960s round table, all from Italy. Italian film set lamp, 1960s. Photography by artists such as Lisette Model, Geert Goiris and Walker Evans.

Timeless Design in the Bedroom

Timeless Design in the Bedroom
Drapery in VW Home wool. Italian 18th century table. Chinese 19th century bowl. Hans Wegner chair, 1960s. Ashanti stool. Bed by Wolf in VW Home mohair blend. Anichini linens on the bed. VW Home table near Italian set lamp, 1960s. Photograph by Martin Munkacsi. Eero Saarinen table for Knoll. Antique french gold table sits below the windows.

Conversation Area in Living Room

Conversation Area in Living Room
19th c. Russian chair with gold frame on the left, VW Home sofa in Wolf’s wool blend and mid-century acrylic chair by Erwine and Estelle Laverne. Drum table by Wolf. Edelman Leather cowhide rug. Drapery in VW Home wool. [Read more →]

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Country Dining Room Designs


Although this section is part of the kitchen, fabrics, carved accessories and colourful trinkets define it as a dining area.
Shop for the look: The Orchard, Sweetpea & Willow, Sanderson

White kitchen-diner
Rustic furniture and vintage accessories add warmth and character to a light, white kitchen-diner. Use reclaimed wood to bring a touch of natural colour to the scheme. (via:

A country table and chairs are flanked by elegantly upholstered French bergeres in this dining room. A chic rug adds comfort and style, while still allowing the wood floors to offset the wood dining set. A traditional armoire in the corner creates storage space. The checkered curtains add texture — and privacy, when necessary. (via:

Small But Elegant French Country Dining Room Decor
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An elegant dining room with French.

Here is an example of toile fabric in this coffee and yellow dining room. Take note of the window treatments and the elegant sofa style chair.

French Country Decorating Fabrics and Linens: Have a distinct look and feel. The fabrics has an old fashioned look, and is recognized for its all-over […]

[
Dining Room Ideas and Designs
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Dining room decorating ideas
When it comes to a dining area, one should use it to its full potential and use it for its intended purpose. Dining room essentials will always include great dining room furniture such as a bold table that fits the room perfectly and, according to how many guests you plan on entertaining, […]

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