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Gorgeous colorful and inspiring home

Woolen pendant light
Unique wooden pendant light.
yellow cabinets and colorful things
Yellow cabinets and other colorful items, I like everything in the room.
cheerful kids room
Cheerful kids room.
colorful room

gorgeous colorful items adorned fireplace
Gorgeous colorful items aborned fireplace.
retro bedroom
Retro bedroom Bohemian style beddign with gorgeous colors.
stuning colorful living room
Stunning colorful living room
vintage cupboard for bedroom
Retro Chinese painting cupboard for bedroom.
Wow, see what I found today! these gorgeous pictures are so beautiful and colorful, I am not a color addict on home decor, but they are so stunning, I will try them in my future new home absolutely! decor8blog, Thanks for sharing!

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Beautiful Green

beautiful green
green floor and green bathtub
Above 2 photos via flickr
green flowers and birds wallpaper
green color scheme bedroom
green walls and headboard
green retro sofa
green walls
green items
Green vintage items. butterflylaneinteriors
green floor
green bedding for country style bedroom
Beautiful green for home decor.

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Gorgeous 150m2 home decor with yellow and other beautiful colors

yellow TV sideboard beautiful wallpaper bright living room color combination fresh soft blue kitchen white green and pink for infant room wood and glass door cupboard wood bed and unique patterned wall
Modern & vintage colorful home belongs to Marlous Snijder. It is a semi-attached 150m2 house, built in the 80s, they renovated the house, the kitchen and floors were replaced, the walls were freshly painted, and huge amounts of outdated wallpaper were removed…and now, it is so pretty! Via decor8blog, Thanks!

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Stunning modern country house decor

study space for kids
A large pinboard for the shared kids’ bedroom where kids can display their artwork. I will square away to make a same one.
full of inspiration space
Rustic table and shabby chairs for dining space. “The dining table is surrounded by mismatched chairs that the couple found at stoop sales, on eBay, and at antiques shops in upstate New York.”
kitchen kitchen an huge island
Vintage kitchen with a huge island.
open design living room dining room and kitchen
A spacious open design space of the residence, encompasses living room, dining space and a charming vintage style kitchen.
reading space
Cozy reading space, love! Odette Williams‘s house. Via lonny

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Contemporary home with warm colors

simple living room gray sofa
Dark gray carpet and soft gray sofa, black art work adorned white walls.
the color is warm and cozy
Warm and cozy color mixture.
TV and the vintage cabinets
TV and a group of cabinets.
open shelving
Open shelving.
dining room and living room
Dining room. fireplace in living room
Living room and fireplace.
modern bedroom so clean design
Love the wall color of the bedroom, it is gray? And love the bright orange bed. Geremia Design Found on desiretoinspire

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Retro and blue

reInspiring retro style rooms blue colored.
blue inspiration
industrial bedroom blue rug
blue wooden walls
Blue painted wood and blue sofa. pablo zamora
plae blue rustic decor
Pale blue rustic design, love the color palette and the plants. old brand new.
blue and white walls

Half blue and half white, a dramatic color scheme for the vintage room.  domaine home.

blue carpet white wall

Blue carpet and white walls. one kings lane.

blue floor white wall
Blue floors, white walls. archello.

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