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Home Decorations Wallpaper

Home Decorations Wallpaper is used quite often on interior walls in home decorating. There are plenty of different styles to choose, they are beautiful and simple to use. When you don’t like the color or texture which on your walls, you can change it easily by yourself.


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Simple home decor trends

beautiful plants
Love the plant, who can tell me what’s the name of it?
apartment adorn
Products by ?
kitchen hanging
Kitchen & items hanging…
kids room
Kids room.
book case and dining table
Dining space and bookcase.
wood cupboard and plants on the open shelf
Love the wood cupboards and plants on the open shelving.
simple living room modern
Small living room, so stylish.
amazing wallpaper for flowers
Gorgeous colors.
butterfly on the wall
Butterflies on the wall.
retro dining table metal and wood
Dining space, love the metal and wood retro table.
Ikea cupboard white and glass
White and glass cupboard.
dining space small and stylish
Small, simple.
Pretty Berlin homes, simple, modern and stylish designs for small apartments. All photos via herzundblu and got information from

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Modern Traditional Home by OSR Design

modern black cabients

Elegant all black cabinets for Entrance.

Modern classic dining room decor

Beautiful modern classic wood furniture for dining space.

modern classic living furniture
Beautiful modern traditional living room furniture.
outdoor furnitrue

Outdoor furniture.

traditional living room sofa

Traditional sofa.

vintage furniture for workspace

Traditional work space design

white kitchen cabinets and wood living room furniture
White kitchen cabinets in modern traditional style and wood color furniture for living room.
white modern traditional kitchen with island and stools



Bathroom, lovely stool.

beautiful cabinets

Kitchen island and tall stools.

beautiful wallpaper

Beautiful wallpaper.

bedroom with white-ball pendant light

Bedroom with beautiful white-ball pendant light.
Gallery design, love the vintage cabinet and chairs.
Beautiful modern classic home designed by OSR Design located in Adelaide, Australia. Photography by James Knowler.

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Sexy Ladies Decorate Your Walls!

Sexy Ladies Decorate Your Walls

wall decorations cute idea

sexy treats for the home

sexy wallpaper, walls decor

tile patterns

Sexy, Cute and beauty! Based out of the UK, Dupenny has been cooking up some sexy treats for the home. Be bold and dare to hang their promiscuous line of wallpaper featuring sultry ladies of the 20th Century. From roaring 20’s flappers to 50’s housewives and burlesque babes, they’ve got you covered. Maybe the ladis are too taboo for you? Don’t worry, they also offer tamer, yet equally dramatic, garden & tile patterns in their signature black & white palette. While you’re poking around their shop. I found these cute photos on modnest, and another post Leather Sofa and Other Handcrafted Designs also from her.

Combining the Antiques and Contemporary Design by Vicente Wolf

Dorophy Tang for Adidas – Furniture with Blue and white

How To Choose The Right Bedroom Mattress

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Home Color Scheme–Update Your Room With Paint

Paint is the least expensive way to change the look of a room, whether you want to modernize your living room or make your bedroom more serene. A fresh paint job enlivens a ho-hum interior, but picking the right color (or combination of colors) and figuring out where best to put it and how much to use can prove perplexing.
Dining Room Refresh Yellow and Blue
Dining Room Refresh

A palette of bold colors and do-it-yourself paint projects give this dining room a fresh look. We choose two shades of blue for the table and chairs and created a two-tone effect to add interest to the furniture. Separate the painted and non-painted portions of the chairs and table with painter’s tape. Semi-gloss paint works best on furniture because of it’s easy-to-clean finish, so apply several coats.

Color a Table Beautiful Green

Color a Table
Unfinished wood is the perfect canvas for paint. Sand the surface lightly, remove the sanding dust with a tack cloth, and then spray the piece with one thin coat of primer and several thin coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry before adding the next. Protect the painted surface with two coats of polyurethane.

Craft a Place Setting Lovely Chair

Craft a Place Setting
Chair backs coated with chalkboard paint provide erasable name “cards” for a dinner party. To take the theme even further, use the paint on a tray to create a menu board.

Blue Cabinets and Yellow Wall

Update the Furniture
If the wood surface is already painted or varnished, remove dirt or wax buildup with a household cleaner and rinse. Sand rough areas and wipe away dust with a tack cloth. Apply two coats of stain-blocking primer and allow it to dry between coats. Roll or brush on two coats of latex paint in the direction of the wood grain. Use a brush to finish the surface with smooth strokes.

Metal Chair Painting

A New Life for Metal
Clean the surface with a stiff wire brush to remove flaking paint or rust. Wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry. Prime with metal primer and let dry, or use a paint specially formulated with rust inhibitors. Apply several thin coats of paint. If using spray paint, hold the can about 10 – 12 inches from the surface as you spray. Shake the can during the application to keep the color mixed. Spray lightly to avoid paint runs. [Read more →]

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Home Color Scheme–Red(& Pink )and White

Deep Red Drinks Room, Home Color Scheme--Red and White & Pink

Deep Red Drinks Room
The ultimate red room. The walls and doors in the “drinks room” are upholstered in a deep red Brunschwig & Fils silk stripe. Leopard carpet from Stark.
photo credit: Eric Piasecki

Chocolate and Red Bedroom

Chocolate and Red Bedroom
A 19th-century Italian headboard, upholstered in Osborne & Little’s Tamara, is the centerpiece of this bedroom highlighted with chocolate, red, and a soft pink. Very romantic.

photo credit: James Carriere

Splash of Red and White

Splash of Red and White
Delightfully busy and engaging Jardin Chinois Red wallpaper from Waterhouse Wall-hangings masks the flaws of an awkwardly shaped powder room. The window shade is Cire red linen by Lee Jofa with Clarence House Greek Key tape. The perfect example of a bold use of red and white.
photo credit: Simon Upton

Red and White Bedroom

Red and White Bedroom
This red and white child’s bedroom is perfect for winter. The sophisticated red print is from Pierre Frey. A clever touch is Lee Jofa striped wallpaper — hung horizontally. Swing-arm lamps are from Phoenix Day. [Read more →]

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