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Modern Classic Apartment with Grey walls

cozy grey dining space
“The kitchen table is from Ikea.”
man style home
Love the handmade table.
modern classic living room

Neoclassical kitchen grey and white
“The kitchen counter marble and tiles are from Flisekompaniet. Sink, faucet and oven, from Lidhults. The lamp is from Milla Boutique.”
soft grey walls for bedroom
wood and grey for bathroom
White and grey, so beautiful apartment! Original source: KK Living. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen. I found on desiretoinspire

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Modern Traditional inspiring design

contemporary white kitchen with big island
Contemporary white kitchen with a gorgeous island.
dining room wallpaper
Dining space, the goldern wallpaper is wonderful!
love this dining room
Love this perfect dining room!
modern classic living room
Modern classic living room, I want in and sitting in the yellow sofa!!
navy blue wall for bedroom
Love the navy blue walls for bedroom.
Elegant staircase.
wall art for entrance
Beautiful wall art for entrance.
These beautiful rooms design by Jean Liu Design. Traditional elements  in the modern designs made the rooms so elegant and inspiring.

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Scandinavian Pure White Apartment

house plan
Small apartment, house plan.
small all white bedroom
Pure white bedroom, small space.
perfect modern apartment
Modern design, perfect living room.
gray modern sofa
Grey modern sofa.
dream white space
My dream!
spacious <a href=kitchen with dining space” width=”1920″ height=”1280″ />
Spacious kitchen with dining space.
all white so clean
So clean space.
Beautiful balcony.
beautiful house by the sea
What a dream apartment in Stockholm! So modern and Scandinavian space! Know more details about the beautiful apartment click, Thanks!

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Old House Amazing Renovation

antique cupboards
This is a 200 year old house which located in the old medina of Essaouira, a coastal town in Morocco. Absolutely stunning renovation. Love the natural wood and stone in the house, rustic, cozy space.
beautiful rustic house bedroom and wood windows bood shelving concrete bathroom cool concrete bathroom
Simple concrete bathroom, cool!
dining table
fireplace gorgeous simple kitchen

Simple kitchen, all open shelving, love the white and black floor.

natural style home

Dining space in natural light. Love the shelving in kitchen outside beautiful plants at the corner of yard rustic and modern in the old house

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So beautiful Scandinavian rooms

pure white and shabby wood furniture

Scandinavian style

so beautiful gray and white apartment
Love these!!! White, black and gray, rustic and Scandinavian, so pretty rooms! whatawonderfulhome

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White and Wood Small Studio Design

Bedroom, rest area.
dining space adjoin the window
Dining space, love the windows!
like the windows
living room and work space
Living room and work space.
white and wood kitchen
Separate all white kitchen, love the light wood countertops and the white mosaic backsplash walls.
Love this small studio space so much! The studio space features the living room in one corner and the bedroom in the opposite corner. It has a separate all white kitchen, the dining space besides the window is gorgeous Love the nature light. So bright and inspiring space. via: Stadshem, found on lookslikewhite, thanks for sharing!

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