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Artwork as headboard

Black and white artwork , modern headboard design! via:

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Inspiration: Sara’s studio

arts display



living area

work space

What a creative space! Red brick walls, concrete floors, white cabinets, vintage, industrial, rustic, mixed modern style. You can see books and artworks everywhere. LOVE!LOVE! Via:, Photo by: Kristofer Johnsson

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White mix blue, so beautiful and relaxing home

amazing bedroom
All white bedroom, simple and stylish, I love it so much!
dark blue walls and white furniture
Dark blue walls and white furniture.
home office blue walls with flowers
Blue walls with white flowers, lovely for work space.
light blue walls for bedroom so cozy
Light blue walls for a rest room, so cozy design.
living area have a rest
Living area. Blue walls, white and black ladder, white and blue sofa, Love!
scandinavian style entry area
Old wood stool at entry area.
work space
Work space, Beautiful and simple! Photography by pauliina salonen and styling by laura seppänen. I see these photos on sfgirlbybay

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Seaside Cottage Decor with Southeast Asian style

Southeast Asian style curtain
Beautiful living room. Textiles and sculptures from Bail, India, Africa.
solid wood doors

Seaside Cottage Decor

oh headboard

Headboard designed and made of redwood reused natural slab.

vintage feel
Bamboo floors. Vintage feel furniture.
unique Ansia style

wooden furniture for dining room
Love the natural pine table for dining room.Green and wine granite countertops for kitchen.

Bathroom. Natural beach stone granite countertops.
More photos and details on: apartmenttherapy

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47sq.m Apartment Swedish Design

work space open shelving
Work space. Small study desk and all white book shelving. apartment floor plan
Apartment floor plan. balcony furniture and plants
Balcony furniture, table, chairs, and plants. book shelving
Book shelving. kitchen and living room
Kitchen and living room. Open plan. living room almost all white
Living room, almost all white design. So bright! small bedroom and wall arts
Small white bedroom and beautiful wall arts. white and wood modern kitchen
Love the kitchen! The beautiful 2 bedrooms apartment built in 1904, living area was only 47sq.m, Amazing design! Stadshem

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Simple Round Table for Modern Dining Room

light wood round table and black walls
round table natural wooden
white and black dining room
black round table and orange chairs
small modern round table
simple modern dining room round table
white round table and rattan chairs

Modern & simple dining room furniture designs, modern round tables and kinds of chairs, round table is a good choice for small dining space. I love the natural look wood round table in the kitchen from blissfulbblog and the simple wooden table from

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