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White and yellow, vibrant apartment

Kitchen-diner space.  A bit colorful items, like bottle, light and chopping board, adorn the room.white and yellow sitting room
White living room with yellow rug, vibrant room. white work space decor and yellow chair
White work space with a bright yellow chair. white kitchen with a small space for dining
All white kitchen.
bedroom all white
All white bedroom.
floor plan
Floor plan
All photos via

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68m² apartment white and black decor

A small charming apartment home design with white and black.
Small white kitchen and a small breakfast bar with 2 stools.
pile up the books
Pile up the books, it is my favorite design.
living and dining space
Living and dining space.
breakbar island
Beakfast bar.
The corridor.
bulbs for dining room
Unique lights.(“the ideal LED bulbs are filament ones, quite new on the market but which have an undeniable deco look”)
work space
Work space.
floor plan
Floor plan of the small apartment home. Found on, via bosthlm

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Dream White Home

wood and black cat
Dark wood, wall art and black cat.
work space
An inspiring work space.
bathroom tub
Bathroom, trees in the window.
bedroom so stlyish
White bedroom with green tree.
dream white kitchen and backyard
White kitchen and backyard.
dream white kitchen

kinds of items display on the open shelving

luxury pendant light for dining room


rustic wood table for artist dining room
Rustic wood table for stylish dining room.
stylish entrance adorn with books and arts
Not too big, so stylish, warm, cozy, full of natural elements, pretty and serenely beautiful, mix of Scandinavian and modern styles, my dream home is just like this one, what about yours? source : Madogbolig

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Stylish entrance adorn with bookcase and arts

stylish entrance adorn with books and arts books
Love the entrance decor with vintage style, love these books. mokkasin

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Grow a lemon tree indoor

lemon tree from seed

lemon tree in a vintage planter

lemon tree indoor

indoor citrus tree

indoor orange tree

I found an article on the internet “The process to start your own lemon trees from seeds is much like the process for starting your own apple trees from seeds. The difference is temperature. Apples like it COLD and lemons like it HOT … well, warm, anyway….”click here to learn more. I have 10 lemon seeds and I will try this if I couldn’t find a tree on the country fair tomorrow.

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Simple home decor trends

beautiful plants
Love the plant, who can tell me what’s the name of it?
apartment adorn
Products by ?
kitchen hanging
Kitchen & items hanging…
kids room
Kids room.
book case and dining table
Dining space and bookcase.
wood cupboard and plants on the open shelf
Love the wood cupboards and plants on the open shelving.
simple living room modern
Small living room, so stylish.
amazing wallpaper for flowers
Gorgeous colors.
butterfly on the wall
Butterflies on the wall.
retro dining table metal and wood
Dining space, love the metal and wood retro table.
Ikea cupboard white and glass
White and glass cupboard.
dining space small and stylish
Small, simple.
Pretty Berlin homes, simple, modern and stylish designs for small apartments. All photos via herzundblu and got information from

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